Compatible Devices
*Android 5.1 or later
STB / SmartTV / Stick
*Android 5.1 or later

Download and install 9movie on your device. A free trial of 7 days is available as long as your device is installed with 9movie for the first time.

9movie is compatible with any Smart TV with Android 5.1 or higher operating system and you can install it in either of these two ways: 1) go to our website from your TV's browser and download 9movie directly to your device or 2) go to our website from your computer's browser, download 9movie version for TV(STB / SmartTV / Stick), copy the file to a flash drive, insert it into your TV and install the app. It's that simple!

9movie is currently compatible with Android devices only and it is not available on App Store. We are already working hard to include new operating systems and devices. Follow us on our social media and keep an eye open for new updates.

1.Download the app on your smartphone.
2.Click on the file stored within your downloads.
3.Grant the necessary permissions and finish the process.
4.Import your cloud quickly and easily.

1.Download the app to your computer.
2.Copy the file to a pendrive, external disk, etc.
3.Insert the device in your TV box and finish the process.
4.Import your cloud quickly and easily.

Yes, it’s simple! Access our website from the browser of your Smart TV and go to “Downloads". There, you will find the button to download the app directly to your device.